Sunday, July 18, 2010

u can thank me now

so...word of the day is not really paralleling my life right now. (i mean - acedia: sloth; laziness or indifference to religious matters -really?? i cant do anything with that) so ive come up with something to share, consequently it comes in the form of a list (for simplicity & easy reading :)


1. meet up with your girlfriends regularly

(make sure to tell them you are fine so that they treat you as such and dont pity you) 

2. eat sushi & make sure to savor  it

4. designate some time to be miserable (but after that 1hr or so its time to be productive)

4.5 listen to some french music - might help bring the tears ;o)


5. email your future NY roomie!

6. workout/yoga class/belly-dancing/ab blast/walk with your mom exercise

7. take a different route to work or home. appreciate where your life is now.

*at this point in the week you are at your 115% and feeling highly motivated

8. begin writing your business plan and actually following through

8.5 find some great fashion blogs TheMadburyClub Pike/Pine The Satorialist streetpeeper

9. have happy hour drinks and pizza with the guys (most hilarious 4 hrs of your week and you will realize that ALL men are not assholes that just cut you off and stop loving you)

10. really take some time out for yourself, a quiet time to listen to the thoughts youve been ignoring/advoiding to meditate and pray

11. listen to some drake and john mayer (they really know how to capture every emotion)

12. go out with your girls. disclaimer: this may include but is not limited to laughing excessively, dancing on table tops, running into chill law school guys that you met earlier in the week and having great conversation, dancing with a charming sri lankan man to indian music all night, meeting sexy scottish men here on business, and/or having one too many drinks and eating the best pancake and egg breakfast you've ever had.

(not quite this much fun lol)

13. recovery

14. enjoy the city. oh and pick up your pottery!

15. realize how great your life is, how much you have to look forward to, and be thankful that all the people in your life are positive, stimulating, and really appreciate you for who you are and what you're becoming. (special thanks to 'kenna. guzi. beans. moms. nikki. carmel. nina. demarco. devan p. kristina & colby - love ya'll)

-1985nectar "i dont get bitter i jus get better"

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