Saturday, July 31, 2010


adjective/ joyous or merry in disposition; without thought or regard; carefree; heedless

how wonderfully congruent. i wish i could insert a personal smile and wink because i would. lovely that all my fam is finally bak home after a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng summer (long days and longer nights). finally feelin real happy, real blessed. [deep content sigh]

i wish i could feel like this all the time. seriously.

move out day approaching rapidly and im getting ridiculously excited. tonight was gonna be my entry about the B.o.B concert at center stage in atl (with pics). but yea :/

couple of random things though (in no particular order)

do not torture yourself with thoughts of people who are not worth your always know. go with your first instinct. family first. cee lo's mixtape stray bullets. apple butter with a bestie. drake documentary. old spice commercials. 5 hours of reminiscing about old school rap/r&b videos - i.e ginuwine brandy dmx juvenile drag'on nas etc. cant fall for sweet potato pancakes. year long relationship abstinence. God as primary focus. new york in less than three weeks. beyonce why dont you love me. daddy's home. dont send that vulnerable ass text - it will NOT affect the unaffected. dont confess your love to someone who doesnt know how to love you back. B.o.B v bobby ray. satellite. THINK before all actions. reason before emotions. its okay to be by yourself all day.

and i still have to go to church tomorrow.

random thought: im ready to create something. i feel some creativity building in my chest.

thats all for now, although this doesnt make any sense AT ALL.

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