Saturday, June 26, 2010


to captivate or charm; to put or hold in slavery; subjugate

okay so its been awhileeeee right? right.

so instead of gettin right into what brings me here tonight, id like to start off on a happier note: me. i was lookin at my brother's blog and one can really get a sense of what kind of person he is and what he likes.

(random: theres a full moon at 11:30p tonight. i think you all should know..although im not sure why i think you all should know haha)

anywhooo. im thinkin its time i let you all take a little journey into the world of the mind behind 1985nectar. lets start with the name, shall we? we shall. Sooo, i came up with the name for my blog, oh i dont know, months ago as u can see. the idea behind the name may lead u to believe that im on some narcissist type action ( i actually consider myself quite a humble person, modest as well [insert kool-aid smile] --that is fond of double parentheses i mean wowie). so i thought :

me: hey self

self: yes?

me: what are we gonna call this blog? and can it not rhyme with angry or bitter....

self: yea about that..

me: so...any suggestions?

so self and me (I or whatever) brainstorm for about 2 minutes and agree that 1985nectar has some kind of sweet ass ring to it.

me: so its kind like the sweetest of 1985 . like the cream of the futha muckin crop. like the sweet cream. like the juice, the good part, the best part, when its not diluted, untouched, untainted...the life-giving drink of gods! the inside of the fruit, the sooouuul. your soul. your thoughts. you...

self: umm ...exactly. and did you know that "nectar" is derived from the Latin nectar "drink of gods," which in turn has its origins in the Greek word νέκταρ (néktar,) presumed to be a compound of the elements nek- "death" and -tar "overcoming."

me: sold.


moving on lol.


  1. Me: dope post.
    Self: It was cool..but I think we can do better
    Me: O yea, that wasnt even a question
    Self: But it was cool tho
    Me: Yea it was, quick question tho?
    Self: Shoot.
    Me: Does this make us crazy??
    Self: ....

  2. I L.o.v.e this... and by "love", I mean the:

    100%, Grade A, unadulterated, "Hey, get back here!" kinda love!