Saturday, May 1, 2010


noun: woman who assists during childbirth labor and provides support to the mother, her child and the family after childbirth.

so today the word of the day falls far beyond short of anything that i came here to talk about. matter-o-fact, ladies and gentlemen (bka my sister - the only soul who reads my blog) it is completely unrelated. but what could i possibly discuss that could be related to a doula? maybe aids in africa? i digress. my word of the day theory (which is coincidently less of a theory and more of a coincidence) is that most times, 8 of 10 times i check the word of the day at, its almost like a horoscope. not that it predicts anything, usually jus extremely related or can be used in the the thesis line of my day or whatever issue/problem/life situation that i happen to be facing at the time. creepy i kno. (if that made any sense at all)

this post is getting a bit colloquial and i dont like it! so my enough about word-of-the-day theory on to my new theory entitled (ahem) : love is a joke.

im not speaking of religious love, like a love for God or his love for us. im not speaking of a familial love from good supportive family members and friends. im speaking of the love we chose, we label, that we base off societal beauty, rehearsed compatability, fear of lonliness, void filling, place holding, drama-abundant, deceptive, greedy, selfish, self-absorbed, unfaithful, self-hating, unpolite, vulnerable, non-recepricating, ingenuine, lust-induced, restrictive, guilt-based, UNGODLY love.

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