Sunday, April 24, 2011


so just in time for spring...(almost seems contrived that they coincide and by they i mean continue reading)

ive decided to make a journey into color. thats right color, ladies and lads and AND print!

new york has somehow smacked the color out of me, to replace it with shades of grey, a spectrum of dingy whites - and yes that includes armpit stained v-necks that ive had since college. a damn shame! a plethora of black ensembles, almost 2 weeks worth of separate swappables (thank you fashion week and PR internship) that (although) they make me feel like quite the new yorker :
-black coat
-black raincoat
-black leather jacket
-black lace up boots

i also feel like ive lost what made me so quirky before. :(

so i say hey why not share with the world my journey back to individualism from collectivism, and the colorful anecdotes in between. besides, is that not what 2011 is all about anyways, transparency??

lets begin with mah inspirations. my color theory. my delightful reflections.

[all images are by one of my favorite artists Thomas Nozkowski. some of his recent work & sketches.. which i had the pleasure of viewing in the chelsea galleries in late november last year]

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