Saturday, November 27, 2010


noun/a mixture of heterogeneous elements; a hodgepodge.

one of those in between moments. not quite happy...not quite sad. more of a longing.
but its very brief.
a longing to have things be as they once were (ironic because they could never be as good as they are now), so a sense of nostalgia.

"home" with all its reminders around every corner, every street and grocery store, every restaurant and parking lot (and even the town christmas lights)...when will the memories ever go away? and the hurt what about that? how come the good memories push way past the bad ones? why have those faded away?

as quickly as they come, the feelings are gone. the uncompromising reality of life waiting...waiting.

the facts alone, which i often rehearse to baffle strangers, offer some hints as to why love is a curious concept to me.


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