Monday, August 2, 2010

creator of authenticity

"there's people that recreate authenticity and there's creators of authenticity. some people only have that weak will to only wanna repeat it. "

i need to SURROUND myself with inspiration. everyday im feelin the adrenaline more and more. im about to live my dream. thats sh** is wild. no more sap emoting posts. sorry guys. i got a laundry list of shit that needs to get done. and soon.

so i have officially added to my list of things to do this year:

154. take 9th wonder's class SamplingSoul at Duke University (my sister is currently enrolled @Duke)

+sometimes you have to think of the difference you're going to make before you actually make it.

funny how the simplest activities (not even having to be around people)...just soaking in life will make you put things in perspective, and help you realize that you have something you've been wishing for for so long.


p.s: 1985nectar is now playing cee lo's mixtape 'stray bullets' -- repeated eargasms

signing off
1985nectar shawty

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